Laser Treatments

E-light Exquisite 
Our Exquisite Laser System can be used for many of your aesthetic and beauty needs including:

  • Hair removal
  • IPL Photo Facial
  • Microderm/IPL hybrid
  • Acne-Rid Treatment
  • Hyper pigmentation/Freckle
  • TreatmentToenail treatments
  • Spider Veins & Tattoo Removal

Soprano 810nm Diode laser 

This diode laser is the International Golden Standard for Hair Removal.
The Soprano Diode is capable to treat an skin type (Fitzpatrick I-VI). Diode laser provides the best laser wavelength: The 810nm is best for absorbing into the melanin affecting different parts of the hair follicle to removing terminal hair effectively.  Little to no pain and shorter treatment sessions with no downtime.

Intense Pulse Light 

Commonly known as IPL this application is great for treating a variety of skin issues including hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation, & acne

Q-Switched YAG

The Q-switch laser provides all the benefits of the ND-YAG laser without the addition heat. So it is amazing for removing tattoos and treating hydropheresis (excessive sweating)

ND-YAG Laser

The ND-YAG laser is the ideal treatment for spider-veins, cherry angiomas, and sun spots